Jades Psychic Readings

I am a professional psychic medium. I have twenty years plus as a professional psychic. I knew I was different as far as I can remember. I have always had the gift of seeing, even if I did not want to. There was a time when I tried to ingnore this but my gift would not be ignored. I am guided in what I see by your spirit guides or in most cases from a past loved one. I offer a different range of readings. I do try and keep my prices in a reasonable price range,so people of all walks of life may have the chance. I try to update my site with new items every few weeks. I do not judge anyone for any question that they may have.We are all different and I respect any question. I will not share your personal information with anyone .I give confidential readings. I am here to help people and guide them in the right direction. You will be amazed in what I see and you will be back for more. I try very hard to do readings fast but at times because of my low pricing and high demand, it may take a hour or a few days. I have had the opportunity to help so many peolple as well as get to know them also. I enjoy all the support I have had from all of you and I will continue to be here for you. I have really enjoyed getting to know and help people from all over the world. I am a honest but gentle psychic. My email is kellyharrison710@gmail.com  .You may email me at anytime with any question that you may have. The name Jade was more catchy  when I worked on ebay. If you have been to a psychic on ebay then you know there is not much space for readings in the message area,so I did through email and people see my name is Kelly. I have kept my name as Jades Psychic Readings so my customers could find me.(Also I am a Gemini.)I just felt I would explain the name thing. I look forward to reading for you all. The only answer I will not answer when or how someone that is living will pass. Please do not ask. Yoy must be eighteen or older for a reading.

Readings always make a great gift..

                                  YOU MAY GET YOUR LOVED ONE A PSYCHIC READING FOR A GIFT.

                                              * IT IS SIMPLE PURCHASE READING OF CHOICE

                                              * LET ME KNOW IT WAS PURCHASED FOR GIFT.

                                              *  I can mail gift card to you or the person the gift is for.

                        * If you do not want gift card we may schedual a time for the reading.       

           *You must be eighteen or older for a reading.*The only answers I do not answer are death dates or how(for the living).Please do not ask me when or where.I can not see this.Thank you.Many blessings to all.

Jades Psychic Readings

Expert readings by Psychic Jade.




  • "I was so impressed that I had to have her over for a group session at my home.Twelve people were at this session and all were amazed.The best and very amazing.Everyone were impr..."
    Jades Psychic Two Hour Group Session.
  • "Amazing! I found her to be right on the mark. Thanks for the help and support when I was unsure of my direction during this part of my life."
    Jade's e-mail reading customer
  • "Felt a strong connection.She could see very well into my life.She was right in all aspects.~love and happiness~Camila"
    Camila Santos
    Phone reading customer.