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This is a reading from a past loved one.I will connect with this person and relay to you messages that I get.The person will make sure you know it is them.Many times we have a passed loved one that try and communicate with us.Most of us do not see the signs.I see the signs and also the person.This can be a very intense reading.Please be prepared to hear what this person has to say.This is a reading from them so at times I will ramble what I get.I will allow three clarifications for this reading only.This will be indepth and can be long.My connection rate is 100%  Must be eighteen or older.

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  • "Kelly, aka Jade is a very amazing woman, I am a repeat customer of hers for over two years now and our relationship continues to grow her readings for me become even more intric..."
  • "I was so impressed that I had to have her over for a group session at my home.Twelve people were at this session and all were amazed.The best and very amazing.Everyone were impr..."
    Jades Psychic Two Hour Group Session.
  • "I was so amazed at how much she knew and what she can see.She told me things there is no way she could have known.Looking forward to future predictions.Thank you.You are the bes..."
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