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This is a reading from a past loved one.I will connect with this person and relay to you messages that I get.The person will make sure you know it is them.Many times we have a passed loved one that try and communicate with us.Most of us do not see the signs.I see the signs and also the person.This can be a very intense reading.Please be prepared to hear what this person has to say.This is a reading from them so at times I will ramble what I get.I will allow three clarifications for this reading only.This will be indepth and can be long.My connection rate is 100%  Must be eighteen or older.

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  • "Thanks for the reading. You do have a gift and May God continue to bless you."
    Satisfied Customer
  • "I've had a lot of readings. Never have I talked to a psychic who is more accurate, direct, yet compassionate and empowering all at the same time"
  • "Amazing! I found her to be right on the mark. Thanks for the help and support when I was unsure of my direction during this part of my life."
    Jade's e-mail reading customer