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30 Minute Phone Reading


This is for a 30 Minute phone reading.This may be on many topics or one topic.I can also start out by telling you what I see and then will also answer questions you may have.I will send email confirmation.I can call you or you may call me.Please email me and we will set up a time.My email is [email protected]

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  • "I've had a lot of readings. Never have I talked to a psychic who is more accurate, direct, yet compassionate and empowering all at the same time"
  • "I was speechless with the reading.I have been to many psychics but never one that gives such detail.I will never go to another psychic again.She is the best and very detailed."
    Jades Psychic Phone Reading 60 minute
  • "I was so impressed that I had to have her over for a group session at my home.Twelve people were at this session and all were amazed.The best and very amazing.Everyone were impr..."
    Jades Psychic Two Hour Group Session.