Jades Psychic Readings

 I am a professional psychic medium. I have twenty years plus as a professional psychic. I knew I was different as far as I can remember. I have always had the gift of seeing, even if I did not want to. There was a time when I tried to ingnore this but my gift would not be ignored. I offer a different range of readings. I do try and keep my prices in a reasonable price range,so people of all walks of life may have the chance. 

     I do not judge anyone for any question that they may have.We are all different and I respect any question. I will not share your personal information with anyone .I give confidential readings.

 I am here to help people and guide them in the right direction by using my gift. I was given this gift to help others. I will and can not see death dates. The one and only question I will not answer. My readings may be very positive,spiritual or may even make you cry good tears. I will always tell you what I see but in a caring gentle way. 

  Thank you to everyone for your continued faith and trust in me. I have been blessed to help so many in all parts of the world. You are all amazing and the best part of this is watching you find the happiness and peace you deserve . I have been blessed with amazing clients I have watched grow or find closure they needed.

          Thank you , Kelly Bachert (aka Jades Psychic Readings)


Jades Psychic Readings

Expert readings by Psychic Kelly Bachert